Using Social Media Effectively To Promote For The Holidays

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The holiday season is a time when all merchants ramp up their marketing efforts. This is a time when consumers are thinking about vacations, entertaining guests and gift-buying. Social media is the perfect marketing channel for connecting with consumers during this time. This article will offer you some helpful tips on how you can maximize the potential of social media in your holiday promotion efforts.

An important thing to do is to get your followers into the holiday spirit. If you have an account like Facebook, change the background theme to something that is seasonal. Customers like to see something that is festive. When they are in the right spirit, they are more likely to open their minds to your festive holiday messages.

Traditional marketing efforts still play an important role in your overall marketing campaign. If you have a print ad campaign, be sure to include the URL to your social media marketing websites. Offer a holiday special to anyone who visits your page. This way you can direct your print media audience to your social media network and make that network grow.

When you offer incentives and promotions, make them worthwhile. It is more effective to offer a big discount that only lasts a few days than a smaller discount that stretches on for weeks. Offering a limited-time big discount puts a sense of urgency into your consumers’ heads, and it will motivate them to act quickly.

Besides promoting your products, offer other types of seasonal content on your website. For instance, you can offer holiday recipes or tips on hosting a celebration. Suggest a product or two that fit into the scheme of things, but do not make this a heavy sell. Customers appreciate content that is helpful without feeling the pressure to buy.

When you do include product information, be sure to make the buying process as streamlined and easy as possible. Include a shopping cart button that takes the customer right to the first screen of the cart. If that is not possible, then at least include a link to the product page where the shopping cart button is available. A customer is more likely to buy if the process is convenient.

Invite people to share their advice and comments about the holiday. Encourage them to post photos if they desire. If someone has actually purchased products from you, encourage them to share how the products have helped them. When others see that your products are purchased by real customers, it will give them more motivation to buy.

The holidays are all about giving. It would benefit your reputation if you donate part of your holiday sales to a local charity or at least get involved with charitable events. Talk about this in your social media profile. Customers are willing to buy more if they see that part of your profits is going to charitable causes.

These tips will help you ramp up your marketing efforts for the holidays. If you execute your campaign effectively, you can build up a loyal following of customers who will remain with you throughout the year.