How To Better Organise Your Website

Organise Your Website

If you want your website to do well in search engine results, then you need to know how to correctly organize it. A messy website is just going to make all of your visitors frustrated and that’s not good. Here are a few things that you can do now to make your website’s search engine optimization to where it needs to be.

Using categories can really help. If you’re just putting a whole lot of information in one place, it can be hard for the visitor to locate what they’re looking for. Find a place to put your categories, like your navigation bar, and search engines will be more likely to index everything better too. Being creative with your categories may help, but it’s best to keep it simple if you’re trying to get visitors to stay and visit later.

Every page on your site needs to be optimized for that specific page’s purpose. Selling things may be easier if you just use the same template for every page, but people cannot find these things on a search engine if you don’t optimize the page for that specific product. Use descriptive tags on your pictures and place keywords appropriately.

Visitors may visit your website and won’t be coming to the front page first. This means you need to have proper navigation on every page so that they can get back to the homepage. It would also be useful if you placed your sitemap somewhere on every page, but people definitely need a way to the homepage from anywhere.

Thumbnails are very useful because they can make you able to fit more onto one page. You can have a smaller version of the product that is a picture link to the real product page. Not using these can make the page take forever to load, and not fit on the screen properly.

Working on every page like it is its own project is recommended. You have to optimize every single one if you want them to be found by people. This means every page needs its own keywords and links to the homepage and sitemap.

Everything on your pages that are the most important need to be at the very top of the pages. Your homepage needs the newest information as well, like any sales you may have or any site news. Don’t make people look too hard because they might just go to a competitor’s site.

People don’t want to sit there and try to figure out your navigation when it’s too complicated. Just make it simple and if you really have a bunch of pages, split them up. Be sure that the text is clear, and your navigation doesn’t use too many fancy graphics like from Flash because people may not have that. If you must use animated bars or something, just be sure that you provide a link to software people can use to load it up.

If you wish to set your website up properly for search engine optimization, then you have to be organized. Using what you have learned above should help you accomplish this. Put these tips into practice and watch the visitors flock to your website!