Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Social Media Marketing Mistakes

It is important to carefully monitor the content you share on social media. This article will help you avoid common mistakes and present your brand in a positive way on social media.

Sharing updates filled with typos or grammatical mistakes will not convey a positive image for your brand. You should always proofread your updates and use a spell-check if necessary. If you decide to share pictures and videos to present your products in more detail, make sure this content meets professional standards as well. It is best to take your time and create quality updates rather than sharing several low-quality updates a day. Keep track of how many comments you get for each update and share more content similar to your most popular updates.

Your audience will quickly get bored with your social media marketing campaign if you do not share valuable content. You should also use different formats to draw attention to your content. Share short updates, links to longer articles, pictures, videos, polls and games. You could also ask your audience a question or simply share a coupon code for your products. If you do not have any valuable content to share, do not update your social networks until you can share something your audience will be interested in.

You should not respond to angry comments. You will probably have to deal with customers who are not satisfied or people who simply want to post something negative on your profile or on your updates. It is best to delete these comments rather than get into an argument with people. If a customer has a legitimate complaint, you should apologize and find a solution as quickly as possible, for instance by offering them a refund. Invite people to call you or send you an email so you can discuss the issue more privately.

Do not forget that customers can easily find your personal account if they know your name. Facebook gives you the option to keep your account private but other sites do not have this feature. You should be very careful not to share anything that could hurt the image of your brand. Have a talk with your employees about the importance of keeping their social networking profiles private and being very careful of what they share on their public profiles.

Do not forget that your goal is to generate more sales. Having a large number of subscribers means you could potentially generate more sales, but there is no use in targeting people who are not likely to purchase your products just to get more subscribers. You should calculate your conversion rate to assess the impact of your campaign. Add a short survey to the page where people can order products to find out how customers heard about your products or share unique coupon codes on social media.

Avoid making any of these social media marketing mistakes and focus on using efficient strategies. Communicate with your audience as much as possible to get some feedback on your social media marketing campaign.